Custom Website Coding

We specialize in Drupal module development and customization.

A website will often have special requirements that fall outside of the usual, 'cookie-cutter' type sites. This is where we excel. With over 12 years of experience writing custom modules and scripts, we can make your website do wonderful things. Whether it's a simple script or a collection of custom modules, we've built a business around creating custom solutions for your site and your needs.

Drupal Development Custom Modules

Some examples of custom solutions we have created:

  • Custom freight calculation system for live LTL shipping rates
  • Custom systems to communicate with off-site Access databases
  • Custom system for importing/exporting data, including products, users and reports
  • Automated product import/creation from XML data feeds
  • Complex data set importing / automatic content creation
  • Communications with external APIs
  • Custom Drupal module development