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Essential Drupal 7 Modules

Essential Drupal 7 Modules

Drupal is a great CMS but really isn't very powerful out of the box. To harness its power you'll need to use contrib (contributed) modules. Contributed modules are created by the community and are not part of the core Drupal download. But they can be downloaded and installed from the drupal.org website.

Introducing the Commerce Abandoned Carts module

Users abandoned their shopping carts before completing the checkout process results potential lost sales. This module allows you to automate the sending of emails to users who have abandoned their carts, thereby allowing you to remind them of the incomplete checkout and/or provide additional information to them.

Super Login module for Drupal 8

A tell-tale sign that a website is a Drupal site is the login page. If you go to WEBSITE_URL/user of most Drupal websites the login form that you're presented with is almost always the default and very Drupal-looking login. Now there's an easy way to change that on Drupal 8.

Tips to minimize Form Spam on your Drupal Website

If you have forms on your website that the public can submit then you will, without a doubt, have to deal with form spam. Fortunately there are some easy steps you can take to greatly minimize spam submissions on your website.

Displaying a Field before the Node's Title in Drupal 7

Drupal allows you to easily change the order of your displayed fields using the Manage Display option for your content types but it does not allow you to change the order of the title field (because this field is rendered directly from the node template). But there may be times that you want to display your custom field(s) before the title field. For example, if you have an image field that you want to float to the left of your title and remaining node content.

How to accept payments of varying amounts with Drupal Commerce.

The websites we build often require accepting a payment for something that isn't a product. For example, service payments, down payments or donations. There are different ways to handle this with Drupal Commerce and here we’ll outline the method we've adopted for use and explain how to implement it yourself.

Introduction to the Super Login Module for Drupal 7

Drupal’s default login page form is functional but does leave a lot to be desired. It’s pretty bland and, if left as-is, is always a telltale sign that your site is a Drupal website. The Super Login Module for Drupal 7 is a simple way to improve the look and functionality of Drupal's login page.

Creating a Drag & Drop Sorting Interface for a Drupal View

How to create a drag and drop sorting interface for a Drupal 7 View.

How to remove the Fieldset from a Drupal Address Field

This article describes how to remove the default Fieldset wrappers from Drupal Address Fields. We'll also show you how to add your own custom Fieldsets.

Drupal Website Launch Checklist

A list of items to check and test for when launching a Drupal website.

How to override field templates in Drupal 7

Drupal provides a quick and simple way to customize field output globally using template files. Overriding a field's template file can be useful if you need to customize the HTML, data, or provide custom logic to a Drupal field. Template files allow you to target all fields, fields of specific names, fields of specific types and fields of specific content types.

Introduction to the EntityForm Module for Drupal 7

The Entityform module allows you to build forms using any available fields from Drupal core or contributed modules. For example, you can create a form using the Address Field module to collect user addresses with properly formatted address fields that change dynamically for each country the user may select.

An introduction to Drupal Hooks

Drupal Hooks are extremely powerful and are one of the main attractions for many people to Drupal. These hooks allow you to view, change and work with various data at specific points of time in Drupal’s processes.

How to: Drag & Drop Multiple Image Upload for Drupal 7

Drupal 7 provides a file field that allows for uploading files and images to your Nodes but it is limited in functionality. The core file field only allows for uploading one file at a time and does not permit drag and drop functionality. However, with a few modules and a little bit of configuration we can easily provide this functionality to your site.

Creating a Faceted Search View in Drupal

Faceted Searching is a method that allows a user to apply multiple filters of varying dimensions to a list of items on your website. In this tutorial we'll show you how create basic search facets in Drupal using the Search API module.