Why Use Drupal?

Why use Drupal for your website

Open Source

Drupal is open source which means it’s free to use, modify and distribute. This saves you money since there is no need to purchase or license the software your website is built upon. You simply pay for the design, development and maintenance time.

Widely Used

Drupal is the backbone of more than a million websites across the globe. This large install base means that Drupal is widely tested and trusted and will be around for a long time.


Since Drupal is open source and popular there is a huge and growing community of professionals and enthusiasts to contribute to the growth of Drupal. This means that Drupal will continue to develop and you’ll always be able to find a developer or designer for your Drupal website.

Modular and Extendable Code

  • Thousands of contributes modules already exist to expand Drupals functionality
  • New, custom modules can be written to meet the needs of your website
  • The theming layer is separate from the content and functionality for efficient design changes
  • Many elements and functionality can be implemented and changed easily and quickly thanks to the flexible architecture


  • Built-in caching
  • Scalable to multiple servers (database, caching, and web services)

Easy integration with 3rd party applications using web services

  • SOAP
  • REST
  • JSON

Search Engine Friendly

  • Standards-compliant HTML/CSS
  • Custom Meta tags
  • Custom Page titles
  • Custom URLs
  • Google Analytics integration
  • RDF support
  • Supports Semantic HTML


  • Dedicated security team
  • Password security is compatible with the requirements for US government agencies

Managed Content for End Users

  • Custom Content Types for your needs
  • Specific focus on usability
  • Word processor-style content editing (WYSIWYG)
  • Image handling
  • File handling
  • Revision Control
  • Taxonomy (advanced categorization)

User Accounts

  • Create user accounts with custom permissions to perform specific and limited tasks

Bilingual and Multilingual Support

  • Pages and output can be configured and setup to handle multiple language output


  • Flexible and customizable ecommerce sollutions available with complete integration into site

Commercial Support

  • Many companies who build and support Drupal sites
  • Many qualified developers for hire who can customize Drupal code
  • Training and educational support available
  • Industry- and feature-specialized commercial firms